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Allies x Shy!Reader: Ordering

     Late afternoon, you had thought you'd have this time of the day all for yourself. Sitting on the brown leather couch, a dim lamp lighting the living room and your legs pulled up against you to get a better view of what you were drawing on your new sketchpad; Kiku had given you the sketchpad two days ago with a few pencils and erasers after he heard you had an interest in drawing.

There was a gentle tapping of the rain hitting your window behind the closed curtains and a distant rumble of thunder, but what made this all the better was your cup of (f/d) sitting beside you on the end table. It wasn't until your phone decided to ring out and disturb your thoughts you were currently drawing on your sketchpad.

You looked up from your sketchpad and glared at your kitchen; where the phone was located making those irritating rings. Its these times any artist hates, getting interrupted. What makes it worse is getting up from your spot where your art supplies are scattered around you. Lazily you put your supplies away, got up, and headed to the kitchen to answer your phone.

"Hello, what do you need...?" you answered in a grumpy tone.

The line was silent until a recognizable voice shouted through the phone, Alfred.

"Hey (y/n)! What do you saying to go and getting some food with me and the allies?"


Before you could say no, Alfred decided for you.

"Great! We'll be over at your place in ten minutes!"

"Wait, What!-" The lines goes out before you can deny anything.

Slamming the phone, you go back to your spot, flop down, and drink the rest of your drink before the allies arrive. To be honest, you've always liked hanging out with any of the countries, even though you were the only human; they were always so nice to you.

There's  just only one problem...You told Alfred that you were shy and now he invites you to every single little get together he goes to and tries to help you break out of your shell, but instead he ends up embarrassing you more, and unfortunately he does not take no for an answer.

-10 minutes later-

A loud car honk outside your house caught your attention and made your stomach drop. They were here. You fixed your outfit and grabbed your phone before leaving. Before opening the front door you passed by the hallway mirror and made eye contact with yourself.

“You can do this (y/n), Get out of your shell”

Sighing, you turned the knob on the front door and stepped out. A cold breeze hit your face making your eyes shut close and your nose scrunch in shock at how cold it actually was, even though it was only the beginning the September. With the thundering rain in the background, you looked over at your drive way and squinted your eyes to get a better look at Alfred’s black Hummer H3 through the dark, almost night afternoon. Quickly you shut your front door, locked it and made a dash for the Hummer.

You could feel your stomach twist and turn with anxiety when the sound of an unlocking door clicked and the back door swung open, barley missing you.

“Nǐ hǎo (y/n)!” Yao smiled at you, barely visible through the darkness as he scooted over to the middle of the seat, giving you the window seat. You smiled at him, he knew you so well.

Jumping in, you took your seat beside Yao and shut the door.

"HEEY-YOO (y/n)!" Alfred shouted from the driver’s seat; which was in front of you.

You looked up, his face visible due to the hummer’s headlight hitting your garage door, and noticed Alfred fixing the rear view mirror to get a better look at you through the darkness. You made eye contact with him and smiled shyly. Feeling your face heat up you quickly looked down at your lap and played with your fingers.

The rest of the Allies said their hellos, Ivan and Matthew in the very back, Arthur who sat beside Yao on the other side behind the passenger seat, and Francis.

“Bonjour (y/n), you look lovely tonight” Francis winked at you from the passenger seat in a very flirty matter. You were sure that by now your face was a maroon red.

Out of all the Allies, you were never really close enough to call Francis a friend. You’ve tried to befriend the Frenchman multiple times, but his flirty advances towards you made it impossible for you to speak to him. It was better to just avoid him, but you didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“Off we go then!” A thrilled Alfred cheered as he turned his rock music to full blast.

“Alfred!” You could hear Arthur’s irritated voice ring through the music.

You could see Alfred from the rear view mirror groan and turn the music down to a soft beat as he put the hummer in reverse, backed out of your driveway and into the street. The hummer moved a bit forward as he changed it to drive and speed off the street towards the main city.

“Thank you” Arthur muttered.

For most of the ride it was surprisingly calm. Alfred, Francis, Yao and Arthur started a conversation about the economy of each other’s countries. Their relaxed voices mixed well with the gentle tapping of rain on the hummer’s roof. Matthew sat in the back with Ivan, a seat in between them to avoid any conversation, however, Matthew was quietly arguing with his baby polar bear about god knows what. Ivan started out the window with a small smile forming on his lips.

From the outside you seemed calm, but inside you debating whether to start a conversation and try getting out of your comfort zone, or stay quiet for the rest of the ride. You cursed yourself over and over again wishing you were a more outgoing person or at least start talking to Ivan and Matthew and keep the conversation going and interesting.

You might have some luck with Ivan, maybe not so much with Matthew. He was shy as well and when two shy people talk to each other, it usually turns out to be awkward. There was also the chance you could join the discussion between Alfred, Francis, Arthur and Yao.

“Hey, Yao…?” You asked, but the older country ignored your voice.

They wouldn’t want me to butt into their business. They’re countries; they have more important stuff to talk about than have a conversation with boring, non-country girl

Again, you felt useless and you hated beating yourself up for this situation, but what if it’s true? What if they only invited you because they felt sorry for you and never wanted you here? Why would they have an interest in you when you weren’t even a country?

Heaving a sigh, you turned away from the countries and looked out the window to see the city lights, but with the down pour of the rain it made it impossible to see anything. At least you wouldn’t be totally bored, now was a great time to play ‘which rain drop will win’.


Out of all the places we could’ve gone Alfred just to choose-

“Subway, B******!” Alfred fist pumped.

Alfred pulled into the parking lot and parked close enough to the main entrance of Subway. Turning off the ignition he opened his door, not even bothering to close it and ran out to Subway. The opened door made the lights inside the hummer light up and a click signaling that the rest of the doors were unlocked.

Hastily you opened the door and jumped out into the pouring rain, followed by Yao, who ended up slipping and falling into the puddle on his bum.  You shook the water off your jacket once you were in Subway and joined Alfred; who stood on the side with his right index finger tapping his chin and his left hand held underneath his right arm’s elbow.

“I think you forgot to close your door…” You softly spoke to Alfred.

Alfred shook his head and looked over at you; his blue eyes were shining with excitement as he grinned at you. There go your cheeks again.

“Nah, I am sure someone closed it. There’s nothing inside that’s important enough to steal, besides I have the keys to the ignition”

You smiled and let out a small giggle, but once you looked over at the counter where soon enough you’d have to go and order your sandwich your smile faded into you biting your lip. You hated ordering here, you had to talk to the person more just to get your food.

Without notice your mind started swirling with different scenarios. What if you said something wrong and everybody laughed at you? What if you tripped as you walk up to the counter? What if you stuttered and the lady wouldn’t understand you and you had the say the same thing over and over again? What will everybody say when they see your red face? Look, the lady behind the counter is already staring at you, is there visibly something wrong with me right now? You could already hear the laughing in the background, a loud ringing started in your ears…

Stop it (y/n), cut it out!

Finally your mind snapped out of its trance, the sound of laughter faded away. The lady who was patiently standing behind the counter was smiling at you, ready to receive your order.

“Alright, I’ll go first!” Alfred marched over, confidence you wished you had beamed from his face.

Soon enough everybody started lining up ready to order their sandwiches, Francis in front followed by Arthur, you, Yao, Ivan and Matthew. It surprised you that all this time Francis and Arthur had not been in one argument whatsoever, Strange.

“What do you usually order here (y/n)?” Arthur turned around and faced you, his vivid green eyes started into your (e/c).

His voice snapped you out of your thoughts “I’ve actually never been here before…” you began, “it’s my first time”

Arthur smiled “Really? It’s actually a very healthy fast food joint if you pick the right choices”

“I think most people choose the unhealthy choices, yeah?” You pointed out, you could feel your stomach twist and turn again and your blood rushing to your face.

Arthur shrugged “I am sure most of them do. Like that tubby man over there…” he pointed at Alfred, who was now at the cash register laughing at something the cashier said.

You let out a giggle and glanced at Arthur, who let out a small chuckle which sounded like a little snort was mixed into it.

“I can help you over here!”  Another lady had appeared and called for the next customer. Arthur left his post and made his way to the counter and ordered. Once the lady finished up with Alfred she returned to the beginning of the counter and smiled at you making your stomach drop. If only Feliciano were here, you’d ask him to order for you.

“Hello! What type of bread would you like?” she smiled, her light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and front bangs perfectly shaped her face. Her big blue eyes finished the look.

Why can’t I have hair that makes me look better?

“I’ll have…Italian cheese” you mumbled
“Would you like It 6 inch or foot long?”

“Its okay (y/n)! She doesn’t bite!” Alfred shouted across the building as he waved to you. Now all the attention was to you.

“Zhùkǒu, Alfred!” Yao screamed from the line as he grabbed a napkin dispenser and headshot Alfred right in the face, making his glasses fall and crack on the tile floor.

“That was uncalled for dude! Now who’s going to drive everyone home when I don’t have my glasses!” the American stomped the floor angrily and picked up what was left of his glasses.  Arthur looked over at the two countries and sighed, slightly embarrassed.

“Keep ordering (y/n)! You’re doing great!” Yao cheered for you. You tensed your shoulders. Why did he have to say that? Now people are going to think something is wrong with you.

The lady behind the counter let out a giggle, apologized and repeated her question.

“...uh, 6 inch Italian bmt” by now you could feel yourself shaking and the other countries staring at you, Plus the other customers.

“Its okay honey, no need to be shy” the lady tried to make you feel comfortable, but it only made things worse. “And what type of cheese would you like?”

Shut the f*** up!

“Cheddar …” you hesitated “plea-”

“Do you want your bread toasted?” Her interruption made you feel as if she didn’t care what you said.

“Y-yeah, sure” you murmured.

This was probably the worst night out Alfred as ever invited you to. Things are now getting worse with this sadness you are now developing, almost enough to make your eyes water and cry.

Finally, after everyone had ordered and payed for their sandwiches they all made their way to the largest booth available in the building, everybody was laughing and shouting, getting hyper, throwing stuff around and causing a scene. Arthur tried to calm everyone down only to get hit by a piece of lettuce. Then there was you, seated by the wall beside Matthew, quiet. You tried to talk to Ivan, who was across from you, but once you got his attention someone else would be louder and drown out your voice. Giving up you spent the rest of the evening nibbling on your sandwich.


“Hope you had a good time (y/n)!” Alfred grinned. Even though his glasses were cracked he still wore them. You jumped out of the vehicle and looked back at the countries and smiled a fake smile.

“Yeah! It was fun” you lied.

Everybody else said their farewell’s before you shut the door and made your way to your front door. Opening the door you looked back, waved and entered your home. You threw your keys on the floor and threw your shoes off, then finally throwing yourself on the couch and buried your face into a pillow and let out a small cry.

“Why am I like this, why can’t I ever get out of my shell!” You whispered.

Then, you felt something in your pocket. Raising an eyebrow you reached in and pulled a folded paper.

“What is this?” you questioned.

The note read:


          I know what you’re going through, I know the feeling you’re experiencing; lonely, useless, insecure, depressed, hesitant. I feel the stares you feel whenever you think you do something wrong, the false judgment, being left out, getting home and wishing things were different.  It’s hard I know, but there is a way of getting out and I can see that you desperately want to escape this cycle of shyness, and you will just be patient, everything will work out. Nobody hates you, they all love you, they’re not ignoring you, you just need to speak up. We’re going through this together and I’ll be here if you ever need me.

         Your friend,
             Matthew Williams, Canada
I am so sorry for my absence, I've been having the worst writer's block ever...This story was rushed and I couldn't concentrate 100% because my family kept bothering me, so this might be trashed up.

Have a :iconcharmanderplz:~:heart:

Nǐ hǎo: Hello

Let me know if there's any mistakes!~:heart:

Hetalia(c)Hidekaz Himaruya
Subway(c) Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca
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MsVideoGames Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
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Me: ..that'll be it please......

America: AWESOME JOB DUDE. YOU'RE DOING GREAT. *slaps me on da back*

Me: ow...

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