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January 12, 2013
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England x Reader: Sleep Paralysis

Beep Beep! Beep Beep!

You jumped a little at the sudden noise of the small alarm clock that sat on the end table beside your side of the bed. You looked over at it with tired bloodshot eyes and glared at it furiously. The clock was blurry, so you rubbed your eyes to try and read what time it said. When your vision became clearer your (e/c) snapped open wide with shock.

"What..." you whispered to yourself quietly "1:00am already…?"

The bed started to shake faintly when the body beside you started to shift in his sleep. Looking over your shoulder you caught a glimpse of your fiancé Arthur Kirkland on his side facing you. Through the darkness of the room you could barely make out his face; it looked so innocent and peaceful while he slept.

The blanket you both shared covered him all the way up to his shoulders and his blonde hair was experiencing some major bed head. You smiled a little when you noticed he was drooling just a bit.

"At least you're getting some sleep…" You sighed as you rolled over to face him and ruffled his hair softly. With that you pulled the blanket up closer to you and huddled in it to keep you warmer.

You could've just huddled closer to Arthur, but that wasn't going to happen…Oh no, you'll just end up falling asleep like last time and experience that horrid sleep paralysis that has been keeping you up at night for the past 3 days.

Through the first day Arthur had noticed your strange changes, like being very fatigued and having a very low focus. He simply thought you didn't get a good night's sleep and made you go back to bed and try to get more sleep, however you didn't dare. It was the first night you had experienced this nightmare of the paralysis. You hoped it'd go away the next day, but that wasn't the case.

On the second day he found out you didn't listen to him the day before and that worried him deeply. You quickly noticed that instead of being fatigued you were very nervous, but not sure of what. To add to that you had an extreme hunger and you were experiencing the first signs of depression. Your once shiny, playful (e/c) were now clouded with fear and confusion. Arthur had thought of taking you to the doctor and see what's wrong, but you refused.

Now day three was really freaking you out because you started hallucinating and seeing things move out of the corner of your eye. You felt as if your body was slowly breaking down to become dust, and the extreme hunger you had the day before had worsened. You noticed also you had dark bags under your eyes which started to hurt your self esteem. At times also you thought of death with the depression that was worsening also. Arthur was practically begging you to go to the doctor. You can still remember his beautiful emerald eyes looking down at you with such pain and fear for your well being, but even with that face you said no him. This made him watch you like a hawk for the rest of the day ready to help you if anything did happen.

You could've told Arthur about the sleep paralysis when it first happened, but something inside you told you that he wouldn't take you seriously. He should shouldn't he? He is your fiancé; he loves you, cares about you and would listen to whatever problem you had…but what if it wasn't a big deal to him?

But it was a big deal… to you anyway, but it won't go away, you knew it wouldn't.

Fear swallowed your whole body again when you thought of going through another episode of sleep paralysis or going through it for the rest of your life. You just couldn't shake it off and you didn't know what was trigging you to have them. Rolling over to your back you stared up at the ceiling and covered your face with your hands. You couldn't take it anymore…You had to get some sleep. Already you could feel your eyelids giving up.

"No, no I can't I don't want to…" Your voice was quieter than mute.

Again, you rolled over to your stomach and smashed your face on the pillow. After a few seconds you lifted your head up to get air and rested your chin on the pillow. Again, you started to feel your eyelids droop, but quickly you snapped them open.

Sitting up, you rested your head on the head frame of the bed. You pulled out your IPod touch from the drawer of the end table beside you. 'Maybe playing a few games will calm my nerves…'

Quickly you chose to play a rather addicting game called Temple Run.


Before putting your IPod away you scanned the room with its illuminating light. 'Just making sure there's nothing here…' You told yourself. After you finished you put the IPod away back into the end table drawer when it came from. You looked over at Arthur; who had moved once again and was now on his back with both his hands over his head, and the blanket was up to his stomach. You let out a giggle when Arthur suddenly let out a loud snort and proceeded to snore.

Laying back down you snuggled closer to Arthur with your half of the blanket and pulled the arm closest to you around you gently, hoping he wouldn't wake up.

"…ngh…bloody…Alfred…" he snored, and then he became silent. You felt him starting to shift against your body as he turned over to face you and pulled you in tight into his chest. You could feel hiswarm breath hitting you on the back of the neck, slowly relaxing you.

"I'll try and sleep tonight…I know I am safe with Arthur…"

Those were the last words that escaped your mouth before you felt your eyelids begining to close and give up to sleep. Finally after 3 days of fighting sleep away you welcomed it for the first time.

-6:18 AM-

Slowly you opened your eyes to reveal the room you currently slept in. It was still dark so you figured that you didn't get as much sleep as you hoped. Your current position was on your back a little ways away from Arthur who had his back towards you.

'I'll just check the alarm clock to see what time it is…'

With that you thought you'd be able to move your head and see the clock, but you couldn't. You were confused at first, but then when your realization came you felt your heart stop and your eyes snap wide open.

'No...Nonononononono not this again!' you tried to yell out, but you couldn't move your mouth.

Quickly you remembered what you read on the internet about getting out of a sleep paralysis; moving a toe or figure. You tried and focused on moving your index figure, but nothing would happen.

Without warning you heard a blood screeching yell coming from the inside of your closet and a huge weight slam against it which made the closet rattle. Unexpectedly more voices started to whisper around you fading in and out…mixed with loud and quiet bangs coming from all over the room. Even faint shadows started to come up from the carpet floor.

 By this time you started hyperventilating. You looked over at Arthur with pleading eyes and started to yell for him, but all that came out was a small pitiful cry. Focusing again you tried to move your hand and grasp his shoulder, but failed to do so.

All at once everything stopped and you feared the worse so you shut your eyes tightly. A sudden weight then layed upon your body and you stiffened fearing the worse. Slowly and filled in the worst fear you've ever had you summed up the courage to open one (e/c).

A chocked gasp escaped your mouth from the horror of what lay on you.

It looked to be in the figure of a person, or what was left of them. The skin was a sickening, decaying, pale grey mixed with some dry blood; their neck was snapped out in an awaked position. Its limbs were all over the place and bent were you knew it wasn't supposed to be bent. A jaw was missing from where it's supposed to be and the leftover mouth was dripping a dark red substance. And to top it off its eyes were gone and all that was left was the empty lifeless eye sockets.

Slowly it started to move closer and closer to you with a hellish moan

"GET AWAY FROM ME!"  Surprisingly you screeched the words out and all that was happening around you disappeared like a foggy mist into the thin air. Rapidly you sat up and clutched your rabbit beating heart and tried to control your breathing.

"(Y/n)! Bloody hell you scared the daylights out of me! Are you okay, love?" Arthur had jumped up from his side of the bed when you let out the yell and was now on his knees in front of you holding your shoulders firmly. You looked up into his big emerald eyes and couldn't help, but start crying.

"Arthur…I can't take it..." you were able to choke out the words. You threw yourself into Arthur and hugged him tightly. Arthur felt his heart break at the sight of you crying in front of him for the first time. He hugged you back with one arm around your back and the other on your head. It was like he trying to comfort a small child from a nightmare.

"Shhhhh…its okay (y/n), I am here it's all over…" he whispered in your ear gently.

"N-n-no it's not…" you buried your face into his chest welcoming the warmth you so desperately needed. You hoped Arthur didn't mind that your tears were already starting to soak up his shirt.

"Then tell me what's wrong, love." He asked. You could hear the concern in his voice.

It took a while for you to tell him all the happened in the last 3 days and what kind of terrors each paralysis gave you. By the time you finished telling him, Arthur felt horrible about what you've gone through and a little angry that you never told him.

"(y/n) you git, you know I would never think something like this was a small issue and ignore it! I am your fiancé and will always be there to help out of any situation you're in! Please don't ever think that way again it breaks my heart…" his tone was angry at first, but it towards the end it became desperate and sad.

"I-I am sorry Arthur..." it was all you could think of at the moment.

Arthur let out a small sigh that was mixed with a chuckle "Tell you what, how about we schedule an appointment with the doctor, tell her all that has been going on with you and hopefully they'll have a medication or a method to control or even get rid of your paralysis."

You looked up at Arthur with tired, hopeful eyes.

"Is that a yes?"

You nodded and rested your head back to his chest; which made you at ease with his beating heart. 'Let's hope those doctors can cure me…"

"And (y/n), if they can't find a solution I can always try black magic" he stated.

You pulled yourself away from Arthur and raised your eyebrows.

"Do I look stupid? I know well enough that your foolish magic is always up to no good!"


*sigh* they're such a pain..I wish Iggy was real so I could hug him all night and be like "savemesavemesavemesavemesavemeSAVEME!"

A plushie England would work too, BBbbbbuuut I 'd squeeze the stuffing out of it xD

The story was a little rushed and I didn't check back for grammer error cause I am too lazy...
:heart:Tell me nicley if you find grammer errors and I'll try to fix them ASAP :heart:


Hetalia(c)Hidekaz Himaruya
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Masked-Girl32 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
This story is awesome :D
But I did notice one spelling error.
You put rabbit beating heart instead of Rapid beating heart.
TheUltimateOtaku123 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Bro. I just want you to know, I feel your pain. I'm actually stalling sleep right now. Also, that was a really good story! U just got yourself a favorite!
mlphomestucklover Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
We'll that's sad that you have that... We'll I hope you get better
HeiressOpal Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I hate when that happens to me -_- Cute story!
Bloodshadewolves Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was so real..
I applaud you on such a terrifying and realistic fanfiction :iconclapplz:
lol xD
mokax3 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
even your depicting of sleep paralysis seems so real :O
good job! I like this story :)
GoldenSong2307 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thanks! :D
karks1992 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
Wow excellent story, sounds like a very scary situation I hope you stop having them :hug:
GoldenSong2307 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you :)

It's comes every now and then, and when they do they don't scare me as much because I've practically have gotten used to them xD

Thank you for the fave! :heart:
karks1992 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
You're welcome :)

Wow it sucks that you get that, I do hope you find some way out of it some day. I don't get sleep paralysis but I do know what it like having to get used to stuff you have no control over and it sucks.

You're welcome for the fav :heart:
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